Teen Angst

I was going through some of my old stuff from my early teenage years when I came across a list I had made on a day that I was really bummed over something that I can't remember now. It was in 2001, I must have been all rebellious and 'tough'. :D Anyway I find it really amusing now that I've um..matured (somewhat) but some of the stuff still rings true I guess. Here's the list :-

As you grow up . . .

1. Life gets complicated.
2. Home is not safe anymore.
3. Crying doesn't solve anything but you cry anyway.
4. Enemies become easier to make.
5. You learn the value of money.
6. Things don't get better just by a lollipop.
7. It gets harder to prove your innocence.
8. Sometimes adults seem even more stupider than you.
9. The things you discover get even more unbelievable.
10. Some truths are better off hidden.
11. You get more concerned about your looks.
12. There is nowhere to hide or escape.
13. You live in a world of fear.
14. Pain is such a sudden rush.
15. You hear the phrase, "I told you this would happen" more often.
16. Freedom is the last thing you can have.
17. Privacy is not an option until you get gray hair.
18. It gets more and more easier to start wars with your parents.
19. Bad language is the only way you can express your feelings.
20. You never learn from mistakes.
21. All the time you walk into traps.
22. Controlling your anger is not easy.
23. Even the smallest thing you say could ruin your life.
24. The tongue is stronger than the pen.
25. Only the lucky would achieve happiness.
26. Laughter is more rare.
27. Days are longer, time is shorter.
28. School becomes a jail.
29. Home sweet home is a prison.
30. Sometimes you think that animals understand you better.
31. You always expect the worse to happen.
32. Lesser people give sympathy or pity.
33. Being patient is not your policy.
34. Nobody appreciates the little work you do.
35. Responsibilities overload you.
36. Most nights are sleepless.
37. You find yourself thanking heaven for entertainment.
38. When you get really sick, nobody believes you.
39. Smiles are fake, frowns are for real.
40. The only punishments you get are for the things that you weren't responsible for.
41. Practice never makes perfect.
42. Headaches become a daily thing.
43. There never goes a day that you don't get scolded for something.
44. Every time that you get accused of something you have to have proof that it wasn't you.
45. Almost everything you do is later regretted.
46. Things that you like are always sinful.
47. Things that you don't like are always supposed to be good for you.
48. Food is disgusting when you're not in the mood.
49. Music does lifts your spirits.
50. The true meaning of love is erased from your heart.

Hehe, I was one dramatic kid wasn't I? All 'bad' and everything. It's really nice to have stuff like this to look back on after years.


Lavendergirl said…
well, about 80% of those WERE true for me and some still ARE...though I feel that I am somewhat matured :)
bluebooze said…
:) guess its a phase most of us go through.
arykko said…
touche' to dat! honestly, i'd say we are livin backwards..cux the older you get the tighter u are bound :P

lookin forward to the grey hairs! xD
bluebooze said…
ah yeah. only now do we realize how carefree and awesome childhood was :/
andhu said…
i had a list of things i wanted to do when i get the freedom to make my choices back when i was 13 and i have only done two of them...
bluebooze said…
andhu: yeap when we get the freedom to do stuff later, it doesn't seem so exciting anymore eh? :)

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