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I went to Athena Cinema for the very first time to see Final Destination in 3D tonight. I had heard a lot of talk recently about how many people were disappointed because they were expecting RealD instead of anaglyph when they went to see Ice Age 3. (I only recently found out that there were two technologies and the names for them :P...yes I can be ignorant in some areas) Anyway I didn't go there expecting things to come out of the screen, after all this is Maldives. Everything is too good to be true here.

And please don't judge me for going to see Final Destination because, I honestly thought they meant the first one. Yes I can be gullible as well sometimes. The first movie was the only decent one in my opinion. It had some clever and sinister twists and didn't quite feel like some lame teen flick like the rest of the films. Anyway I was mostly curious about this 3D thing.
Everyone was right; the paper glasses were too loose, the colors were in hues of reds and blues and i…

I am back. Or am I?

I always get the urge to say, "It's been awhile" when I've been away from my blog for a long time. But it's used so often that I'm gonna skip that part and just say, "HI EVERYONE". Did you miss me? No don't answer that. Why haven't i written anything for so long? Well I just haven't been inspired...or maybe I'm just pure lazy. But I really appreciate the people who have contacted me and sent me messages and asked me to start writing again. Maybe that's why I'm writing right now too. But the truth is I write for myself mostly. It's fun to ponder back on it later on.

Don't get your hopes up though, I don't have anything to rant about..well I do but I am not at liberty to if you know what I mean. (Gets momentarily distracted by the mouth watering smells drifting from the kitchen.) Having a mom who used to work as a pastry chef has its plus points. A happy Ramadan once again to those who cherish it.
As for me I'm ju…