Hungry Much?

Ah the month of Ramadan...the month where some people are at their most crankiest mood. The incessant hunger makes them even more grouchy than usual as the day continues. Whenever someone bites my head off for some minor thing during this month, I just tell them to go eat a cookie or something. :D

The other type of people are the ones that I like to call the roadha cops. They would cross-examine you to see whether you're really roadha or not. Then they would ask you questions such as "Do you pray 5 times a day when you're fasting? Or else it won't count you know" or "Do you listen to music while you're fasting?" Then they would act all righteous and superior about themselves and go around walking like they are purer than bottled water.

There are also the whiners who constantly gripe and moan about how hungry they are and how they are starving because they didn't have any haaru before they slept. (Note that these people never seem to be able to have haaru) They would get on your nerves about how tired they are and about how long the day is dragging out from dawn to dusk. To these people I'd suggest not fasting at all and stuffing your faces so that the rest of us won't have to hear you grumble about how you are sacrificing food for a short time as if you are the only one who is.

Next comes the bunch that go to sleep in the early morning and get out of bed 5 minutes before the time comes to break their fast and later claim with pride that they had fasted every day of the month. ;) heehee

And lastly I guess comes the people who just plain fast, I guess.

Happy Ramadan :)


Anonymous said…
i confess i'm the vampire kind. your wink and laugh suggests you are too.
bluebooze said…
could be, could be... :)
Hilath said…
It is said that fasting is a unique form of worship and that its rewards are known to Allah only because the very nature of fasting means that the act is not visible or known to other people except the person.

Yet many people ask other people whether they fast or not. Why? Don't they get it in their thick heads that the point of fasting is that it is to be a strict thing between the believer and Allah?

I hate these moral police. They are hypocrites posing as Muslims. They claim to follow Islam yet they can't even follow simple instructions like this from Allah. I'm sure Allah won't be happy with these hypocrites who poke their noses into other people's business and make inquiries like this (like asking whether someone else is fasting) which is prohibited by Allah.
bluebooze said…
yeah, people ought to mind their own business instead of squinting at other peoples lips to see whether they look dry enough to be considered roadha lips. :)
LAPUTA said…
good god! i did ask some one if he was roadha today.. he did say he was. And then I asked if he had lunch... roshi and fish were his exact words :) .. of course he is a five year old.
fali said…
i cant stand those people who suddenly inserts "namaadhukollaigen" into their vocabulary. "aharen ishaa namaadhu kollaigen jassaalithanaa nidhunee" or "mashah dheveynee asru namaadhu koggen" or announcing for no reason "aharen midhanee namaadhu kuran" its so annoying. cant they pray without making sure everyone around knows they do?? It just sound so fake to me!!
Anonymous said…
@ fali: they are fake really. if someone is confident and comfortable about himself, he would have no need to announce it to the world. when he makes announcements it means he is faking it.

just like all these closeted homosexuals who go around calling other people homosexual. true heteros dont give a damn about other people's sexuality. only when people have insecurities and fears that they have homosexual interests lurking deep inside them, then they become frightened of it and fear being 'discovered' or suspected of being 'effiminate' or gay and they go making public anti-gay comments. the next time you see someone passionately venting out his anger against gays or announcing to the world that they are religious, you can be sure what they really are inside :)
bluebooze said…
Laputa: Shame on you :p

fali: I know, right! and they always do it in such a condescending way.

Anon: haha that was random but yeah I've always hated homophobes(people with an irrational fear of, aversion to, or discrimination against homosexuality or homosexuals.) Why can't they just live and let live. It's not like gay people go around making anti-straight comments. :)
The Straight Guy said…
anti-straight comments? now thats a thought! i will try to experiment this and see how people react kekeke
bluebooze said…
I'm sure it wont be pleasant :D
Ah, watermelon season.

I'm well used to it, I suppose. Spending the day at the wilderness of Hulhumale is an excellent way to pass the time.
bluebooze said…
wilderness of hulhumale' eh? thanks for the tip :D
Anonymous said…
you forgot to mention me and my kind..the ones who don't follow the traditional "get all religious just cause its ramazan" bunch. The ones who don't fast because they know and have faced the fact that they really are not that religious. The ones who admit that they are not fasting and are not ashamed to do so (as in we don't go around announcing it but do not lie about it when asked)

The ones who'd rather be honest and frowned upon than phony and accepted. ^_^ peace!
Anonymous said…
by the way..that was me up there.. :)
welcome to the club!

- shan

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