Dear Mr. Crocodile... (I assume you are a Mister...thousand apologies if not)

I heard you were a baby when you were found by some people at our shores. You must have been lost, very scared and confused. You must have been hungry and exhausted from swimming for so long. I bet you were wishing that your mama was there, so she could have protected you from these strange people.

I found out that they put you in a cage at the childrens park so that people could come and gaze at wonder at you. You were pretty small then, so you did not take up much space. You must have been pretty lonely since there was not anyone like you around near you. I was told that they fed you well though...and then you started getting bigger..and bigger... and bigger.

The little man-made pond is not big enough for you anymore. It made me very sad Mr. Crocodile, to see that you could not even straighten yourself to your full length in that sorry excuse of a home made for you. I guess your back must ache a lot huh? Being curled up all the time. But I guess that is not the point, the point is you are in a cage, when you are not supposed to be.

I can only imagine what it must feel like for you, everyday seeing the same scene, little children pointing at you and laughing. Not getting any chance to exercise or explore. You are a wild animal Mr.Crocodile, you should be free and able to muck around in swamps and experience the pleasure of catching your own prey in your natural habitat where you belong.

I know you probably would feel very lonely, not even being able to mate. But what do us arrogant humans care eh. It is just a another useless animal and an ugly one at that. We have got our own shit to deal with. But I want you to know, there are people who think of you and wish a better life for you and are deeply saddened about your condition. I hope that someday you get rescued from this god forsaken place and be free to make a family of your own and live a long healthy and happy life...

Here's to you Mr. Crocodile.


LAPUTA said…
interesting...and very true... we do not have have the right to cage a wild animal, but on the other hand we barely and very recently got legitimate human rights ... it will be long before we can even begin to think about animal rights...
bluebooze said…
Laputa: actually I don't think we even have few of the most basic human rights. :(
shan said…
wish we could rescue mr.crocodile like they do in free willy. you know, sneak in around midnight, get past the guards, unlock the cage,...*continues for a while and ends up talking about ninjas vs. lord of the rings with light sabers*..

anyways, it is possible you know! only thing is, free willy stays put throughout the whole rescue process..but Mr.crocodile on the other hand, might decide to have a little midnight snack and I'm pretty sure we would be on the menu because after all those years of chicken, he'd definitely want something else.

I've watched Brady Bar catch crocodiles a lot on the national geographic channel. so how hard could it be?..but then again, that's what i was thinking when i watched a documentary on surfing. two weeks later i almost drowned!

hmmm..i probably shouldn't be the one planning these kinda things. but if anyone else has a plan, I'm in!

great post!

Ps. If a crocodile looks dead, its not!!! O_O
AzMyst said…
I think Moyameeha had a small 'free the kimboo' campaign on his blog for several years. Of course, it wasn't a big movement, but it was start.

Back when I first heard about the news that a crocodile had been caught in Maldives, there were rumours that the NSS was keeping it in a pit in Gaamaadhoo or Dhoonidhoo. Prisoners were dangled upside down over the pit to get confessions, I heard. Could be all bull but with NSS you can never tell. heheh

Hopefully, the croc would be sent to a zoo in a nearby country or given a bigger cage somewhere before it gets big enough to bust out on its own.
bluebooze said…
shan: Maybe we could use a tranquilizer gun :D like how they'd catch tigers and lions in nat geo wild to help them relocate. we'd need to chain his mouth though. he'd definitely be in the mood for something new on the menu. Or we could use whoever it was who had the brilliant idea to cage him, as bait! ^^

Azmyst: Thanks for letting me know about the campaign. will check it out. and yeap you're right with the NSS, you NEVER know.
Mr. Crocodile said…
Thank for for the kind sentiments, Bluebooze. In my years locked away in the "pond" I have succumbed to a severe depression, I even cut myself with my teeth.
Goodbye, cruel world.
bluebooze said…
Mr Crocodile: Oh maybe i was wrong after all :p I mean how bad could the 'pond' be if they provide you with internet access. ^^
bluebooze said…
care bear (this nickname is an insult to the cartoon i tell ya): haha this is gettin funny now. Is it our fault if your 'opinion' is the dumbest lamest retort we heard? Oh and wait aren't you hanging around the internet too waiting for our responses? Heaven forbid that you fall into the nerd category though.
LAPUTA said…
care bear: no insulting cartoons and you choosing that name does...
Anonymous said…
I went to kudakudhinge park somewhere last year i think... and they had cats, parrots, iguana's in cages too. what about them? what about lot's of other animals in cages in homes? what about the chickens and fish we eat? don't they matter????
shan said…
ANONYMOUS: if people could be at two places at the same time, they would! but since they can't, they do one thing at a time.

You're talking about the cats and parrots and other animals right? lets say for example, they free a cat and we ask them to free the crocodile. I'm sure their answer will be somewhere on the lines of "its just a cat! the crocodile is a completely different issue!"

But if we somehow manage to make them free the crocodile, we will have a chance to free the rest of the animals. then we can always say "why not?! after all, you set the crocodile free!"

As for the animals in cages inside homes, there are some things we can and cannot control. at least the person who wrote this post and all people alike, are are trying to change what they can. there is a chance that freeing the crocodile would open up a lot of windows for change.

About the chicken and fish we eat. all vegetarians are against eating meat of any kind, all fruitarians (yes they do exist!) are against eating anything that's separated from its natural location unnaturally and the list goes on. so i really think that question should be kept for a later time, when the world would have changed to the point where things people eat can, be completely controlled.

my point is, do what you can! free one, and they'll do the multiplying ;) peace!
bluebooze said…
anonymous: Au contraire, I have something to say about all of that too ^^ but like Shan said, one step at a time. More to come in future posts.
Feed idiot ignoramuses to crocodiles?!


Okay, I am in disagreement.

Come on, they're human, just like us. They deserve better than the barbarous acts of the NSS in Maumoon's era.

bluebooze said…
Shadowrunner: haha I applaud you for your creativity. You're right, might as well get some good use out of them :)
Thank you, thank you... I am SO going to try that trick when doing a public speech.

But if you're serious about releasing the poor thing, we'll have to do a lot more work than opening the cage. Come on, it hasn't seen a croc of the opposite gender in decades and will be much like a shy stay-at-home if released to its home turf.

The first thing I believe must be done is to introduce it to others of its kind, give it room to live, grow and expand its diet. Why, if I was dictator, I would promote it to the rank of "unofficial executioner" and make youtube videos of pedophiles being thrown to the pool, and getting scrunched and torn to bits. In HD, of course.
shan said…
The Shadowrunner: 10 points to you my friend! ^_^
bluebooze said…
*standing ovation*
Yaamyn said…
lol Shadowrunner.


Very lovely post, I must say. I remember having these feelings when i visited the 'kudakudhinge' park in Male.

A cage is no place for an animal. I was surprised to see a harmless domestic cat that ought to have been free to run around and play also locked up inside.

I'm sure things will change in the future (well, at least in rest of the world)

Zoos around the world are moving animals out of their steel cages and into large enclosures.

It is not as good as their natural habitat, but surely a vast improvement.

Crocodiles belong in rivers, not in cramped puddles in a childrens park where they might turn aggressive (now what could POSSIBLY go wrong?)

I think people's sentiments will change with the changing moral zeitgeist (at least in other countries :p)

After all, there WAS a time when blacks and indians were kept in cages as an attraction, for white people's entertainment.

There were times when lions and tigers and zebras were kept confined in small cells.

But people no longer cage blacks (except in America) and animals are finding *better* enclosures.

Maybe someday we'll stop imprisoning them altogether.

Hopefully before they go extinct.
Maldives in its current state cannot afford any public amenities such as zoos, parks and otherwise. No thanks to Team Maumoon's massive expenditures;- Only by forcibly recapturing these stolen funds, and destroying the network of infrastructure - designed more for their profit than our development; can Maldives achieve a new era of economic prosperity.

The naysayers will often say "What can we do? We are poor.", and the greater minds who think past the common herd mentality are often so ostracized that some often consider seeking asylum in developed countries. Everywhere I look in this country, I see promising economic opportunities going to waste.

The lone crocodile, is just one of the many victims of this decay. It far outlasts the age of a generic human being.
bluebooze said…
Yaamyn: At least in the rest of the world lol. Yeah hopefully people are waking up slowly to see that they are creating their own destruction :|

Key sentence in your comment : Hopefully before they go extinct.

Thanks ^^

Shadowrunner : Gotta agree with you on that. Ive met plenty of people who have brilliant ideas but are ridiculed by the society for them. :|

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