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Valentines Day

Amid all this tyranny in my country, comes the day of love. I just have to say something about Valentines day. Its true that Valentine's Day is a money-making capitalistic holiday/celebration. A day where they only show mushy corny movies for 24 hours. A day which lovers take time to appreciate each other more. 

I notice a lot of people who hate Valentines day. What they say is 'why choose only one day to show the person you love that you care?'. Now this would be a very good argument if the person who was saying this is the sort of person who buys little gifts and cards and flowers often for his/her significant other on other days of the year as well. What people need to realize is that Valentines Day is just like any other holiday. Like Mothers Day or Fathers day. 

It has come to the point when the haters of this day has become more annoying than the mushiness and the PDA you get exposed to. The fact of the matter is that we all are busy with our lives and usually get caug…


At this moment I am so disgusted with the people of my country. Just when I had a glimmer of hope that things slowly were going to change around this godforsaken place they proved to me that stupidity has no bounds. 
We finally had a president (Anni) who cared about the common citizen, who had no arrogance or delusions about himself being a higher being than the rest of us. Someone who made an effort and brought results to his people despite being sandwiched between religious extremists and corrupt opposition parties. Someone who sacrificed his freedom and risked his life for a long time to make it possible for those ingrates to be able to even HAVE a voice and be able to protest in the first place. 
A president who showed the people that he was true to his principles by not moving into the presidential palace the former dick-tator had built with our money, by not using the fancy yacht formerly used by the said dick-tator, by choosing to walk around like any other person instead of havi…