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Meet Alam. He is from Bangladesh. He is almost 30 years old. He is a husband and a father to a little girl. He works in a shop to make a living. He has a weakness for action movies and wrestling. My dad hired him and brought him over to Maldives some years ago to look after my grandfather who was very sick with old age and has passed away now.

Maldivians have always hated Bangladeshis and treated them like they are born to be our slaves. Even when they make them to the dirty and hard work that Maldivians find too humiliating to do.  -_- I was used to hearing things like, "If he is a Bangaalhi (Derogatory Maldivian term for Bangladeshis) he would be scum. They are thieving, useless perverts." In my life I have always tried not to discriminate or have generalized opinions about anyone different than me. I had always scoffed at these remarks. Surely people from Bangladesh can't be any different from any other people from anywhere else, can they? They are also human. Good a…