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Most of us have been there at least once in our lives. Back of a classroom, lecturer going on and on about something you just can't follow. Fighting with all your might not to doze off. Pretending to take notes every now and then. Observing other students picking their noses subtly.
Tonight was one of those nights. At one point I really thought I was gonna drop dead on my notes so had to occupy my mind with something. Hence found myself writing a random poem. Thought I'd share it with you guys. It was Human Resource Management tonight and it's one of the most boring subjects I've come across. Don't understand the fascination with everyone studying it as a major these days.
Also in my defense, I wrote this in 10 minutes. So don't be cruel about the crappiness of it. Also I realize there is no such word as 'worstest' but it poetic licence. :D
Although I have no excuse for me other posts. =p
Here goes:
The monotonous drone of her voice, goes on in a…

What is love? ( No not the old 90s dance song)

I asked the age old question to a couple (ok more than a couple) of my friends and I got some interesting answers. All names have been changed to protect the (ahem) identity of them.
Something very crazy... It’s umm what do I say... Feeling made up by everyone to justify not calling what they feel for the opposite sex as lust or an urge to mate perhaps? - Frou FrouLove was when ... Adam stole the forbiden fruit for Eve. Love is when he gave up heavens to make her happy. Love is when nothing else matters. Love is never jealous nor is it needy, but love is insatiable. Love is when you see her go wow! Love is the fire that burns more when in absence. - The Masked Avenger.It’s a simple 4 letter word in the English dictionary. - Skeith.Whatever you make of it. It’s a vague notion to define attraction. - Sensei
Depends on who’s asking I guess... - Some Ah
Love is what makes a man feel really, really alive. It's positive, lovely and makes no sense at all. - Bengali Love is life? - Cherry Car…


The pale moon gleams, filling this dark night with light. Everyone sleeping so content, into their dreams. Except for a few glazed eyes dead to the world.

While she looks at him with lust...

Oblivious to her desires, He is brought here to be tempted by the fires below. As he enters, he says she cannot touch. Their passion consumes them making it hard to restrain, As he ravages and plunders her. And savagely he thrusts, the moment tasting,
Deep inside of her.
Softly she screams before she wakes up, Wakeful again as she returns from her reverie.
Looks at him with lust... Once more again.

Silence! I keel you!

Did you ever observe some people and wonder to yourself, 'How can these people be so violent?' It doesn't matter whether we are living in the 'modern' world now. Some people are still willing to risk their lives and the lives of others for something that doesn't even makes sense in the first place.
They thrive on hatred, not only just condemn others for being different but go as far as to slaughter them. Even the people who think that they are free have their own limitations because of these people. The whole world is a slave to them. And its spreading like the plague.
Why? Because pray forbid, if you 'offend' them, its simple. You are a dead duck walking err i mean waddling. Nobody wants to speak out against them. Even the most powerful people in the world try to stay out of their affairs as much as possible. Nobody wants to live their life in hiding, so they just simply stay quiet. Who can blame them? Everyone would want to live a normal life.
Sometimes …

Disney Couplet

Yesh I LOVE disney classic cartoons...not the new ones though. I mean what is UP with all those part IIs of old classics??? If they could animate so well back then (Eg. The Lion King, Rescuers Down Under), why don't they bother to do it now?? It's horrible I tell you, Walt would be rolling in his grave. I don't know why I still adore the good old 2D animations. Not that I don't like Pixar stuff , I mean movies Toy Story and Walle were awesome. But there's something about gems like 'The Sword in the Stone, Robin Hood that just hits you right there.
I've decided that my favorite Disney Couple is Phoebus and Esmeralda. Her because she's got spunk and way different from the usual 'princesses' that you see, so weak and timid just waiting for some prince charming to save them. She's a far cry from the damsels in distress that we have gotten used to over the years. Oh and a close second would be Meg from Hercules.
And Phoebus, because he is the ONLY…

I think I'm dumb...or maybe just happy.

I'm baaack, well technically I didn't go anywhere. I was just away from a lot of material things for awhile and pondering the meaning of life while being all spiritual and zen. Ok who am I kidding...the PC broke down, my phone got disconnected and I was just being a recluse all these days. But I DID ponder about a lot of stuff and well, here are my random thoughts for today. (Warning might not make much sense.)

First of all, whoever invented diet coke should be arrested. I tasted it for the first time coz there was nothing else at home and I almost choked on it's watery taste. Oh I know what you're thinking, "What? That's your big epiphany?" Well it's not. I just thought I'd mention it.
I just got to thinking...and here's my 'advice' to everyone. Life is short, and you only get ONE of them. Live it your way. Have fun. Make memories. Meet people. Travel. Take pictures. Try new stuff. You know how they say a well-spent day results in heave…