Raajjetherey People

The other day I met this guy who was being a real pain in the ass at work. He was supposed to submit a letter in English but he had brought one in Dhivehi. When I told him that I couldn't accept the letter, he went ballistic on me. He started raising the roof about how we are all dhivehin and blah blah blah. Then he said something that ticked me off. He said, "We are 'raajje therey' people."
Why do people say that phrase whenever they don't get things done the way they want? I mean don't get me wrong I am a "raajjetherey" person myself, but I don't feel the need to rant about it whenever I don't get things done the way I want by others. I mean whats the point? Who isn't "raajjetherey" these days anyway? Most people in Male' are from some island or under dhaftharu.
Of course there are certain situations where it is appropriate to bring up that you are not from Male'. There is such a huge difference between the Maleans and the rest of the Islands because of the way things were in the past. The discrimination is slowly fading away but the roots have still got a hold. Understandably people find it hard to forget the past.
These people though say it like we are supposed to bend the rules for them out of pity just because they aren't "Maleans". Well I don't care whether you're from Thimarafushi or Thailand, I can't differentiate between people.
There is so much hate and resentment between Maldivians in the "My island/Atoll is better than your Island/Atoll." way. I should know since I classify as an "Addu Goobadda" myself. Ever since I could remember I have been hearing from others that Addu people are the sluttiest/greediest/snobbiest people in the Maldives. Heck, its not just Addu, there are people like that everywhere.
One girl once bitched about Addu people to my face and I was like, "Ahem...".
She looked at me and said, "Oh don't worry, you don't classify as one of them since you grew up here."
I asked her, "Oh so it's not me but my parents and my whole family eh?"
Typical ignorance...
One other thing that upsets me is how Adduans accuse me of trying to be a Malean. Well helloo? My parents have moved here long before I was born. What do you expect? I'm sorry I cannot speak the dialect as fluently as you, but it's not what I was brought up with. I don't have any issues with being an Adduan. Whenever someone asks me I tell them I'm from S.Hithadhoo so and so. The problem is when people criticize me for talking like a Malean, living over here, being in a relationship with a Malean. etc
I'm sorry but I consider Male' to be my home. I grew up here, raised hell in Aminiya here and made what little friends I have here. I'm sure I have tons of relatives over there but they are pretty much strangers to me. It's a shame I know but that's the way it is.
P.S - Apologies about the terms "Adduan" and "Malean". It was just easier than saying Male' people or Addu people.


Iya said…
interesting point you make, 'bluebooze'.

It is true that some people have an inferiority complex because they are not from male'.
well, fuck that and fuck them. they arent any better when they demean people from male' just for the sake of being from male'.

i am from male'. but some of my closest friends arent. we are already fucked up as it is without having to resort to... for the lack of a better term... internal racism.
bluebooze said…
yeah i mean, whats there to be racist about here. We all poop and all of our poop stinks... some people are just delusional and act like their poop smell like roses. The worst bunch act like they don't have poop holes even!
Anonymous said…
probably if you asked your parents or their friend, they could explain reasons for the demoralizations of certain class of rajjathere people. yes classism exists in this country. even within addu societies there is classism. it's still a patriarchal society.
LAPUTA said…
so very true that be..... also anonymous up there has a point.
also places should except letters in dhivehi.... i think its a shortcoming of those places that wont accept them
bluebooze said…
anonymous- yes tis' true that it does exist specially in the older generations, and i have to agree about this being a PATRIARCHAL society (although i think thats totally a different issue since we are not talking about how men rule the society here :p) I have to write a whole new post if i am to talk about that :D
canofworms said…
Anybody with half a mind would know that there is no community of collectively "good" (whatever your definition of good may be), or smart, or genetically superior, people.

Racism is common amongst individuals who for some reason chooses only to see the trivial differences of a different people and refuses to accept that we're all ultimately the same.
Hilath said…
Maldivians practise what I call 'reverse-racism' :)
Anonymous said…
i would like to read a post by you about the patriarchal nature of the society... based on your personal experience... for your generation of 'raajjethere'
bluebooze said…
canofworms - well said. sadly most people here have less than half a mind :/

Hilath - let me guess. reverse racism = giving special benefits or opportunities to people who belong to a group which has been under privileged in the past. in effect, you are essentially committing a racist act by giving preference to one person over another because of their race, religion, or ethnicity, rather than their personal merit, skills, or knowledge. :)

Anonymous - I am considering it :), tricky subject though...
Iya said…
the last anonymous guy must be the all knowing turtle Bamboo. he/she knows what people should write about.

fuck anonymous comments.
bluebooze said…
turtle bamboo heeheehee
fali said…
I once dated an Adduan guy who turned out to be quite a jerkweed, and after this thing ended (quite badly) people proceeded to tell me how its all because he's from Addu, and that all Adduans are evilness personified. I had to defend the honour of Adduans even through my misery!! Later on, a friend of mine dated a Male' person who showed her all sorts of rosy dreams and ended up being a bigger dickwad than the Adduan. However, when people consoled her there was of course no mention of his origins, just that ALL men were bastards!! hehe

But on the bright side, i think the younger generation are getting less and less racist on this Addu and raajjetherey issue.
bluebooze said…
true that :) and yeah i noticed that about the younger generation too.

btw your comments are highly appreciated guys and gals.

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