Fodi Scan

You can get your farts scanned at ADK Hospital now. Hehehhe I know it's not really funny but man it was funny at the time we saw the sign outside this room.

We imagined there'd be some weird machine that you poke your butt into and let rip one. Then the doc would look at a screen attached and go "hmm, interesting...odor seems normal, texture quite nutty". heeheehee.

Yes I am gross and weird, Get over it. '_'


Mauloof Ahmed said…
hehe LOL Really funny one!
Where is this board located in adk?
Anonymous said…
And hey, the label is brown.

Coincidence? or subtle hospital humor?
bluebooze said…
Mauloof - You'd go by it one your way to the laboratory.

canofworms - haha I dont know. I'll have to check the color of the other labels.

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