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Screw Tradition

It always seems that when I'm writing a post, I always rant about something but hey it's only when I'm upset that I can come up with enough material to write something.
I recently told someone that I don't want to get married anytime soon. Her response was, "Thihen hutta muskulhi vedhaane, eyrun nuvaane innane meehakuves"
Why? why? why does society have to decide for me when I have to get married? I don't consider myself as an old hag yet but EVEN if I was. What is it about unmarried women that gets those domestic goddesses in a rut?
Yes I am aware that I have a biological clock and everything but PLEASE let me decide the fate of my womb! And even if I didn't go the traditional way, it does not mean that I am any lesser of a person or that I am unhappy and you need to pity me.
As every girl would, I used to dream about a wedding and a pretty dress and such things. But I'm just saying don't judge me for not wanting to get married at an early age …

Couldn't resist...

After my last post which kind of garnered a lot of attention. I've decided to cool it down a notch and shut my trap for awhile.

I was waiting for a taxi one day in front of my home and there was this web of pipes and pieces of wood stacked near the door. This random thing caught my eye and I just had to take a picture right then and there. It was at the end of a pipe sort of thingy and I'm sure it wasn't meant to look like that. But I got a fit of giggles just looking at it and couldn't resist posting it.
I've been going through some life-altering changes and I am still kind of fuzzy about where I am headed. (why am I assuming anyone would be interested in this?)
I am hoping to be able to come up with a decent post by Monday. (hoping I do have some actual readers) No promises though.

Eid Mubarak everyone :)

The wall is still GREEN!

I am so fed up with people telling me what I should think like, believe in, act like and value. I mean does it not occur to these people that believing something is not a choice that I make (although in their case it seems to be) . These people act like I just should believe simply because I have to. My brain does not work that way I tell you!

First it has to make sense to me in a logical reasonable way so that I can wrap my mind around it. I cannot simply say "I believe" and voila become a believer. I mean you can make me say the words but in my mind I would still believe in only what makes sense to me. So what is the point? For eg: Someone can show me a green wall and ask me to believe it is red, but my mind would just see it for what it actually is. A bloody GREEN wall! Just because I say I believe it is red does not mean I can actually believe it.
In the same way, no matter how hard people intentionally or unintentionally try to shove down their doctrines on me, I just s…


I have been having a tough few days and could not think of anything to write about this week. So instead I'm gonna post a pic of my lord, Kratos who makes me happy when I am blue. Yes, I do play GOW and that does not make me any less of a girl! So there.

Although the flowing of his loincloth distracts me and gets me killed by the Minotaurs usually, its the best game in the world ever (FOR ME)!!! I remember when I first played it. I was so hooked, I stayed up all night and skipped work the other day as well. You just feel so powerful like you are actually a god. Meyfuppafa indhefa kulhevenyves :D hehe. You ought to see me during the parts where you have to press 'o' rapidly to make a kill. It's like I'm playing the tabla on the joystick.
I have finished GOW 1 and 2 some gazillion times now and am currently drooling over the trailer of GOW3. But alas it is not to be...not only would I need to get a PS 3 but also an HD TV at that.


Dear Mr. Crocodile... (I assume you are a Mister...thousand apologies if not)

I heard you were a baby when you were found by some people at our shores. You must have been lost, very scared and confused. You must have been hungry and exhausted from swimming for so long. I bet you were wishing that your mama was there, so she could have protected you from these strange people.

I found out that they put you in a cage at the childrens park so that people could come and gaze at wonder at you. You were pretty small then, so you did not take up much space. You must have been pretty lonely since there was not anyone like you around near you. I was told that they fed you well though...and then you started getting bigger..and bigger... and bigger.
The little man-made pond is not big enough for you anymore. It made me very sad Mr. Crocodile, to see that you could not even straighten yourself to your full length in that sorry excuse of a home made for you. I guess your back must ache a lot huh? Being curled up all the time. But I guess that is not the point, the point is yo…