Feminism or Chivalry?

I have always been the type of girl who always stood up for the equal rights of women and fumed at any type of gender discrimination. But sometimes when I share my point of view to some people, they act like I've told them I practice black magic or something. Then they start chanting, "Feminist! Feminist!"

Now the being called a feminist always makes me cringe but there is no good reason why I should though. It merely means, " the doctrine advocating social, political, and all other rights of women equal to those of men." which I do believe in wholeheartedly. So then I wondered, why do I still hesitate to declare that I am a feminist?

Modern Feminism, I find is totally warped. These days when you picture a feminist, the images that pop up into your head are absurd. Eg. Radicals, Lesbian dykes. Feminism actually made a lot of sense in the nineteenth century and early twentieth century when women couldn't vote, didn't have property rights and were owned by their husbands.

Feminism has such a negative connotation now which is why I avoid talking about it to people. If I do, they either get intimidated or turned off. Although I do believe women should have the same rights as men, there will always be differences between men and women. For one thing men have evolved to be physically taller and stronger than women because they were hunting for food while women reared the children. Therefore it is unacceptable for a man to beat up a woman.
I guess I could be called somewhat of a hypocrite too since I believe in chivalry too. :D Chivalry as in men holding the door open for the lady. Letting the lady have your seat if she is standing. So you see, I am somewhat confused about where I stand....Basically I would say that I want the guy to always hold the door open for me, but at the same time always know that I can open it myself If I wanted to. :p Fair enough eh?

It can be quite confusing to be a man in today's society, what with all the empowered women traipsing around demanding their independence, while chastising them for not being courteous enough to open doors for them. A general rule of thumb to keep in mind when dealing with the fairer (not weaker) sex: treat them as you would want them to treat you. Don't baby her or treat her like a child, simply be there for her as you would a good friend and everything should be fine.


Mauloof Ahmed said…
Hello Blue Booze

You have been chosen as one of the active bloggers in maldives.

Iya said…
I, for one, believe in equality. But i don't think men and women are equal in every sense.

I'd like to further explain this, but I'd hate to leave a friday huthbaa sized comment here. I shall explain it all in a future blog post.

very soon.
bluebooze said…
haha friday huthuba size. looking forward to it.
Anonymous said…
you should know that most species where males have to fight for the female leads to larger and larger males. In species where there isn't such behavior, there is no size difference between male and females
bluebooze said…
haha interesting...that explains a lot
fali said…
I know what you mean about the feminist tag. Its become a four letter word now, and even those who believe in the principles of feminism dont want to be labelled as a feminist.

I consider myself a feminist because I believe in equality of opportunity for men and women to determine the course of their lives. However, I do not believe that a woman has to become all things male to be equal as some radical feminists argue. Of course men and women are not the same, and women bring things to the table that men do not have. They are complementary to each other, and the attributes of both should be valued. For instance, I know that my man will never read instruction manuals and its up to me to read them and figure them out when he (as usual) fails to assemble something. And its up to him to hit those awful spiders and get rid of them so that i can restart my heart which stops at the sight of them :) :)
bluebooze said…
fali: aw i couldn't have put it in a better way :) yes it is up to him to kill those spiders/roaches. :p

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