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The story of Masika from Congo.

Tonight I was watching T.V and came across a documentary on Al Jazeera. It was about a woman in the unstable country of Congo. She is a survivor of rape and violence that breeds from this continuous war in this country. A war full of unimaginable violence, mostly against women. She has set up and runs a center for other survivors who have no place else to go and has been shunned from their families. She searches for and rescues survivors and orphaned children with the help of volunteers. She provides counselling, medical treatment, basic necessities and shelter for them. She tries her best to send all the orphans to school. She helps some of them find back their own families. If their family does not accept them she helps them find a place in the community. She has adopted a number of orphans. She talked about how hard it is and how draining it is and how she wonders why she does what she does. Then it showed her with a rescued baby whom she adopted and she says that when she  is abl…