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You lookin' at me?

I know I have blogged about this before, but I had another encounter today that just made me want to write a sequel to the previous post about staring. Why oh why do people have this infernal need to stare?Not just take a quick look or glance, but flat out stare. I see people doing this all the time when I'm out in public, particularly to me. Now you might think this is just all in my mind and that I'm imagining these things but I know that I'm being stared at. It's not hard to notice when some is looking directly at you while their eyes follow as you move. Then you might say that it's the way I look or act that is attracting the attention, but this shouldn't be the reason either. I look like the average person, not too ugly but not like beautiful either. I dress like the average person, jeans, t-shirt, etc, in normal colors. I walk like the average person, nothing too crazy or unusual that would draw attention. And these people don't just stare with a neut…