Love thy neighbour

Do humans crave for privacy? Or do they need to embrace togetherness? While I was juggling these two ideas, the quotation “Good fences make good neighbors” from the poem “Mending Wall” by Robert Frost caught my attention. Personally from my experience, I think that every individual needs their own space, where they can be most comfortable.
In my opinion fences and walls between people and their territory helps secure good relationship between neighbors without any room for misunderstandings. A clear division will prevent arguments and disputes. If we keep boundaries, then other people will know what the boundaries are and respect that. For instance, if you had an apple tree in your yard and the neighbor’s children always picked your apples, it would definitely get on your nerves and you would come to resent them. But if there was a wall, it would send everyone a message saying, “This is my property”.
Curiosity and diversity may be a positive aspect of humanity. No matter what we do, we cannot help barging into others lives and inquiring about their actions. We have to accept that. If a person is walking by and hears an argument going on in a house nearby, he or she is very likely to pause or stop and listen to it, but if there is a wall between them, the inherent curiosity is curbed to a certain extent. That is another reason I really believe that a “barrier” should be there between neighbors.
Everyone needs their own privacy. Though humans desire to interact with each other, they still need their own comfort-zone. Even when I was growing up to be a teenager, I have always yearned for my own room which I later got. It feels as though I have my own haven now. When I am in my own room, I feel as if I am in a cozy cocoon, protected from judgmental and hostile influences. The walls that surround me keep me from experiencing any embarrassing incidents that might otherwise happen if I was sharing my room with another person. A wall can ensure privacy leaving people free to be themselves in their own homes.
To sum up, I would say that some people have negative perspectives towards a wall between neighbors whereas others have positive attitudes toward it. They have their own views and opinions to uphold their beliefs. But I do strongly believe that,” Good fences make good neighbors”.


Anonymous said…
I couldn't agree more.
I think its essential that we understand and respect other people's boundaries. You said, "I would say that some people have negative perspectives towards a wall between neighbors whereas others have positive attitudes toward it.", the former would probably expect from others their respect for his/her boundaries. So why bear a grudge (I guess this is what you meant by "negative perspective" - a bit politically correct choice of words, though there is nothing wrong with that) and become all paranoid everytime someone seeks some space. Both parties will be much at ease if there is a mutual understanding.
"A good fence can make good neighbors, but a good neighbor renders the fence unnecessary." - Adolf Hitler.

bluebooze said…
canofworms - Yeah I think Maldivians has yet to grasp the idea of live and let live. :)

The Shadowrunner - Hehe did he really say that? Sounds like him.
Interesting said…
i bet this works with metaphoric walls where one keeps emotions, views and also ideas behind them...
bluebooze said…
haha as long as one always has the freedom to speak his mind yes, but concerning emotions yeah sometimes those metaphorical walls really keep you from making a fool of yourself.

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