This burden I carry, feeling weak and weary
Descending down to the nothingness.
Whilst others canter along, blithe and cheery
I crawl away, unheeding their protests.

Upon the horizon, a fire burns fiery
The reach of its power, aiming to possess.
Mystified I paused, and made my inquiry
"Behold! Can you not see I am in distress?"

No answer came, I went ahead wary
The flames turned cool like a mothers caress.
It beckons to me, to the burden I carry
Relieves me of the weight of this stress.

I stand up straight, feeling light and airy
No longer do I crawl nor desire to regress.
Chaste and pure again, emotions they vary
Nay, never again will I fall, depressed.


Like that fine gallery of art showcasing the veiled suffering of people...

Are you sad?.
bluebooze said…
It seems so doesn't it? I'm so depressing :p. No I wouldn't say I was sad. Sometimes I just like to put myself in other peoples shoes. But some of the poems do reflect some of my emotions. Thanks for taking the time to read and appreciate my crap :)
I have taken the time to listen to the grief and sorrow of people the world over.
The screaming voices of the oppressed pleading for help may be unheard by the world... but know this - they are not silent.

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