The vines grow deep, entwining me.
It's made its place, now haunting me.
I tried to turn, we've crossed the line.
And now it's just a steady decline...

It leaves stains, as it drains the life.
It seeps pain, as it cuts like a knife.
I tried to dodge, we've gone too fast.
Never thought I'd come to last...

For the sweetness, it doesnt stay.
On my wretched soul, does it prey.
I tried to leap, we've lost the game.
It dawned on me, I was to blame...


Anonymous said…
obi cant wait for the next one :)
Anonymous said…
Girl, you are sooooooo great. Think its a miracle that the little orphan fuzzball found his home in your heart -yay!!!
Love reading your blogs. You are a very talented wise young lady.
See you soon I hope,

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