Awesome things…

1) Eating peanut butter with a spoon.
2) Watching old cheesy horror movies.
3) The musty smell of ancient cobweb ridden books.
3) Playing with an already softened kekuri. (Is it me or did that sound dirty?)
4) Hot chocolate on a rainy day.
5) Reading a new comic book.
6) 80s/90s Cartoons.
7) The taste of ‘mas bis’. I don’t think the stuff we have here would classify as caviar though : /
9) The sound of classical music in the early hours of the morning.
10) How the tongue feels after having let it dry totally outside the mouth.


Hilath said…
Waking up around 3am and listening to Coldplay in the silent dead hours of early morning :)
LAPUTA said…
i like to watch evil dead 1... it's still scary
Simon said…
How about these?

An act of great kindness or courage

Finishing a 5km jog

Watching a MJ live concert. Twice.

bluebooze said…
Hilath- Yeah good one. Coldplay is very soothing :)

Laputti gandu- Yeah dho? Specially because they don't actually let you see the red demon thingy. :D

Simon- MJ live concerts fall in a whole different category i think :) like "Mega Awesome stuff"

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