Most of us have been there at least once in our lives. Back of a classroom, lecturer going on and on about something you just can't follow. Fighting with all your might not to doze off. Pretending to take notes every now and then. Observing other students picking their noses subtly.

Tonight was one of those nights. At one point I really thought I was gonna drop dead on my notes so had to occupy my mind with something. Hence found myself writing a random poem. Thought I'd share it with you guys. It was Human Resource Management tonight and it's one of the most boring subjects I've come across. Don't understand the fascination with everyone studying it as a major these days.

Also in my defense, I wrote this in 10 minutes. So don't be cruel about the crappiness of it. Also I realize there is no such word as 'worstest' but it poetic licence. :D

Although I have no excuse for me other posts. =p

Here goes:

The monotonous drone of her voice,
goes on in an endless stream.
Bland, mundane and without poise,
This maybe my worstest dream.
Maslow! Herzberg! The torture continues,
as I doodle to pass the time.
So bored I'm seeing different hues,
Though some take it just fine.
Eyelids drooping, need sticks like Tom.
Fifteen minutes to go, when will it end?
Screw this diploma, I'd rather stay dumb,
Specially HRM, without that I can fend.


Anonymous said…
nice one =P
Anonymous said…
"need sticks like Tom"


This is more like it. I like it when poetry rhymes.
Iya said…
A nice piece of work. I see these so called 'poems' on all over the blogosphere, but rarely is one inspired out of boredom, has substance, and is something I can relate to.

so all in all, NICE!!
bluebooze said…
canofworms: :D thanks

Anon: haha glad you likes.

Iya: haha thanks. appreciate it. guess the ones you just write without thinkin' bout it too much are the best kind.
With Promises Five, doth ye fancy our mind
Marching through Searing Gas that Blind
Did ye first raise the colors of the Holy Flag
With great Voice unto our suffering did ye first nag

O Promised Land, Whereforth Arth Thou?
The March of time Brought Change unto Us
Ye said "Can it be change time now?"
And so change cometh, in rivers of blood and pus.

O Promised Land, doth thou Test our mettle?.
For surely liberty never cometh from the ballot box.
Only through War and Conflict, by Force of Arms
Did our ancestors raise the flag; In Battle!

O Promised Land, do we deserve ye?
We who are Afraid of Mortals and their Lies!
I call upon thee, free us from the Ancient Fies!
O Promised Land, raise the colors of Liberty!

O Promised Land, for Liberty we shall Fight!
Give us the wings of Courage and we shall take Flight.
In Memory of the Martyrs and the Children who fell,
With our courage, we shall raise an inferno rivaling Hell!

LAPUTA said…
hope you don't give up... though you have go through torture and face what may be your "worstest" dream.......
bluebooze said…
laputa: methinks you may have an inkling of what the torture is like =p
Nice piece of writing...!!!
bong said…
i know how you feel...god i hate studying day i slapped myself hard to stay awake in class...anyhoo kudos on the poem..
bluebooze said…
stalin: ooh new visitor thanku ^^

bong: hehe at least im not the only one. ^^ thanks
My poetry sucks compared to yours, and I've proven it!. Muahahaha!
bluebooze said…
strider: it so does not :P youre jus being modest.

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