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Yesh I LOVE disney classic cartoons...not the new ones though. I mean what is UP with all those part IIs of old classics??? If they could animate so well back then (Eg. The Lion King, Rescuers Down Under), why don't they bother to do it now?? It's horrible I tell you, Walt would be rolling in his grave. I don't know why I still adore the good old 2D animations. Not that I don't like Pixar stuff , I mean movies Toy Story and Walle were awesome. But there's something about gems like 'The Sword in the Stone, Robin Hood that just hits you right there.

I've decided that my favorite Disney Couple is Phoebus and Esmeralda. Her because she's got spunk and way different from the usual 'princesses' that you see, so weak and timid just waiting for some prince charming to save them. She's a far cry from the damsels in distress that we have gotten used to over the years. Oh and a close second would be Meg from Hercules.

And Phoebus, because he is the ONLY dude who has a beard! I like the bad boy image so John Smith comes a close second. (yes I know they are both blonde, I don't even like blondes but they look better animated!) Come to think of it Simba was kind of hot too...like my friend says, "So what if he's an animated lion? He still turns me on.' :P

Who'd you say your favorite Disney couple is?


fudgepacker said…
This one.

OK, so that's not a real Disney couple. Mine would be Jasmine and Aladdin. Jasmine is pretty spunky too, esp for a Missile Eastern Muslim Princess. Escaping the palace, daring to fall for a poor street rat, challenging her father and Jafar, attempting to seduce Jafar. I like her line: "How dare you? All of you! Standing around deciding my future. I am not a prize to be won!"

And Aladdin's just fucking hot. Just like Eric. He can rub my lamp any time and I'll be at his command.
bluebooze said…
fudgepacker: youre right aladdin is pretty hot. and that cartoon has one of the best animated kisses that ive seen.
bluebooze said…
oh and damn thats one hot pic. why havent i seen this cartoon O.o
fudgepacker said…
Coz it's an illustration by David Kawena, ISRAELI artist, who uses the Disney style. (I like saying Israeli and Jew these days)

Strangely, all the lovey dovey stuff is censored by mainstream media here.
demm ahum said…
now this is interesting i was about to write something n just realized i dont remember much about the couples in it - i was much more interested in the action as a kid
wonder if its a boy girl thing

think i have to see those cartoons again

well anyway have u seen "spirited away" think ull like it
though its a little bit grim compared to the disney stuff
PS: Gaston never died. He fell into a spatial vortex time portal and ended up on the Internet, where he has taken up work as an anti-virus programmer.
bluebooze said…
shadow: yeah i know, you just wait for the kiss and bam it gets stuck grrr...makes me wanna smash the TV in. Also Gaston is the only dude with chest hair i noticed.

demm ahum: hehe yeah spirited away is one of my favorite ones. ^^ looved no face.
blue.jouissance said…
Belle and Beast. That's my favourite. I actually prefer the Beast in animal form rather than his human form.

And you know who I can't stand? Snow White. Her voice makes me want to pull my teeth out with pliers.
bluebooze said…
blue : hahahhahahahhahahah my sentiments exactly...

in a squeaky granmaish thuru thuru alha voice..'someday my prince will come'

and i almost die laughing when she sings near the well 'to find me (to find me) today..' and kulliyakah prince ais in a baru tenor voice 'TOOOODAAAAAAAAAAIIII' ahahhaha no wonder she runs away.
psychedelia said…
@fudgepacker: Words right outta my mouth about that line from Jasmine and about Aladdin being hot as hell.
@Blue: Mey fuppaafa "tooodayyy!!"...eyoh bodu castle gandu ves nuvettunee kiriyaa. rofl.
Altho , still better than Snow White's "too shrill for even dogs to hear" voice.
bluebooze said…
psych: why am i not seeing u online!
Anonymous said…
I still have the hots for Prince Eric *drools*
bluebooze said…
azazel: lil sumthin for you ^^

Anonymous said…
Thundering typhoon! That pic of Eric took my barnacles away!
Fali said…
can i like two people that has nothing to do with each other?
i like jasmine and the beast (before he hecomes a prince). blue.joissance is right when the beast transforms into a prince its such a let down!! Beast had so much character in him.. come to think of it i like belle too. and john smith. oh and eric's not bad either!! and simba, who can not simply adore simba sighhhh... errr... how many picks we get again...?

and true snow white is annoying.

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