Silence! I keel you!

Did you ever observe some people and wonder to yourself, 'How can these people be so violent?' It doesn't matter whether we are living in the 'modern' world now. Some people are still willing to risk their lives and the lives of others for something that doesn't even makes sense in the first place.

They thrive on hatred, not only just condemn others for being different but go as far as to slaughter them. Even the people who think that they are free have their own limitations because of these people. The whole world is a slave to them. And its spreading like the plague.

Why? Because pray forbid, if you 'offend' them, its simple. You are a dead duck walking err i mean waddling. Nobody wants to speak out against them. Even the most powerful people in the world try to stay out of their affairs as much as possible. Nobody wants to live their life in hiding, so they just simply stay quiet. Who can blame them? Everyone would want to live a normal life.

Sometimes I wonder if its just me who feels like a disembodied spirit watching how people act and going 'tsk tsk' to myself, disappointed.The sheer lunacy of these people astound me. We have BIGGER problems people! Instead of trying to kill each other over which idiot is a bigger quack, why don't we try doin something worthwile for a change? Gee I don't know like....SAVE THE FRIKKIN EARTH OR SOMETHING!

It has gotten so extreme that its not just the people who are different that they target. Even if one of their own talks to someone different its still, "Eynaa Maraalaa! Eeeyna Andhaalaa!" This is supposed to be the 21st Century but they are still barbarians. There's no such thing as an ounce of humanity...whats left are just some programmed puppets that some people with power and money are pulling at with their strings.

Maldivians too, they say out loud without a flinch, "Those people deserve to die!". Just because they are of a certain race, heritage or religion. It doesn't matter that you don't know these people, everyone of them is horrible and should be wiped out! Sigh....all I have to say to that is:


Mauloof Ahmed said…
i love the title...from jeff dunham's achmed the dead terrorist.

As for the post its great.
fudgepacker said…
"It doesn't matter that you DON'T KNOW these people"

That right there is the problem. Ignorance. If he knows that the other person (the apostate, the Jew, the fag, the woman, the child, the missionary, etc) was also a human like him, he won't be so eager to murder. His beliefs dehumanize the other. His faith makes the other person "just one of a series neither offending him or pleasing him".

These people are also ignorant of death. Most of them haven't experienced a death or the misery it brings. Or war either. The sit in the comfort of their homes, with a full stomach, typing 'nolhaalaa' or 'andhaalaa' when they haven't seen the sight of a human being skinned alive or smelt the stink of burning human flesh. It's easy to say it. Doing it is another matter. But doing it is possible if you're desentisized enough by crazy fairytales. Ones which speak of the father trying to sacrifice the son. Or the father looking on from the safety of his ship while his son drowns in a flood.

Anyway, that's a lovely quote by Gandalf. Here's another by Sagan:
Also, they thrive on fear.

"We can kill you - you can't do anything against us".

I plan to... even out the playing field a bit... kraa, that'll be interesting.

"Jihad!. Kaley maralanan!...."
*sound of .38 semiautomatic getting primed.*
"...We are brothers bound by Maldivian blood!. Lets live in peace and harmony!"
bluebooze said…
Mauloof: thanks =)

fudgepacker: that was an awesome read thanks. its true, they dont realzie how insignificant we are, looking at the bigger picture.

shadow: Ah yesh, they prey on fear and i hate to see that sometimes it does work.
shan said…
*nodding head in agreement to the quote at the end" short and sweet! :D

sooo true! *indian accent*

i wana walk upto one of those people and say "i dont like your style! you deserve to die cuz you dont look kool!"

you've said all the things i would have said.

loving ur pieces bluebooze!
bluebooze said…
lol thankew shan

love your comments ^^
subcorpus said…
does anyone have a good downloadable link to jeff dunham's achmed ... ??
i watched on you tube few years back ...
was hilarious shit ...

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