The wall is still GREEN!

I am so fed up with people telling me what I should think like, believe in, act like and value. I mean does it not occur to these people that believing something is not a choice that I make (although in their case it seems to be) . These people act like I just should believe simply because I have to. My brain does not work that way I tell you!

First it has to make sense to me in a logical reasonable way so that I can wrap my mind around it. I cannot simply say "I believe" and voila become a believer. I mean you can make me say the words but in my mind I would still believe in only what makes sense to me. So what is the point? For eg: Someone can show me a green wall and ask me to believe it is red, but my mind would just see it for what it actually is. A bloody GREEN wall! Just because I say I believe it is red does not mean I can actually believe it.

In the same way, no matter how hard people intentionally or unintentionally try to shove down their doctrines on me, I just simply cannot go against my mental reasoning and instinct just to succumb to their dogmas. Some of them mean well I know and actually believe that they are saving my soul from eternal damnation or summat. But I ask of them to let me think for myself since I don't preach about my values (or the lack of it) to them either.

Seriously I can't even sing a song in peace these days. I was singing to myself among some people one day. The song was "Mrs.Robinson" by Simon and Garfunkel. There is this line in the song that goes, "Jesus loves you more than you will know". The moment I sang that part they were on my ass about how I should not sing such things and that people might think I was a Christian or something!

Wtf? Can't a girl sing a classic rock song in peace without buzzards circling around making preposterous accustations? It was just a frikkin classic rock song and it wasn't even in a religious context! We don't officially have any religious police here like in Iran or Saudi Arabia, but some of the locals here are sufficient, I think. :|

We have been given a brain that thinks, analyzes and come to conclusions, so why not use it. Isn't that the beauty of it? And even if the conclusion you come to is totally distorted, keep it to yourself instead of shoving it down innocent bystanders throats! Must you simply drag down others with you? I shall use and old cliche' "live and let live' . Easier said than done.

The future scares me . . .


LAPUTA said…
these religious fellows don't bother me that much but i do hate this need they have to preach...
Yaamyn said…

True, Blue.

I've never seen people as insecure as Maldivians when it comes to 'Christianity'.

I have to write a post on this sometime!

If they so much as accidentally see a cross somewhere, they panic, as if the body of christ compels them! :p

I've seen Maldivian junkies on the streets wearing offensive slogans - swear words and all - on the streets. But wear a cross, and you might as well kiss your citizenship goodbye.

Most maldivians don't even know anything about Jesus - mostly because the conversation stops at Je-.

Pathetic. But keep singing! Don't let the numbtards stop you. Simon n Garfunkel are still awesome! ;-)

Anonymous said…
"We don't officially have any religious police here like in Iran or Saudi Arabia, but some of the locals here are sufficient, I think."

fali said…
exactly. we dont go around preaching our views to them, why cant they just give us the same courtesy. why do they have to "save" us. who appointed them our saviours anyway.

in the meantime the wall is red. its red. its its gree.. red red red.
bluebooze said…
Laputa: dho. :)

Yaamyn: Yeah I know, aren't we supposed to believe in him too? We just can't say 'jesus', but 'easagefaanu' is fine.

about wearing the cross thing, true its more of a fashion statement to look cool in Maldives. Most of them have no idea about the crucifixion, holy trinity etc etc..(and no just because I know some basic information about Christianity does not make me a Christian-to all you judgmental ppl out there. I like reading about all religions and cultures alike.)

ah back to singing, 'God bless you please Mrs.Robinson. Heaven holds place for those who pray, hey hey hey'

Thanks ^^

Anon: Tis' true :D

fali : True, we can save ourselves (from what again) thank you very much.

and has the wall turned red yet :p
demm ahum said…
well u r lucky u r a girl
cause if u r a guy people would try & get u to go to the mosque especially to the Fridays

its like a black guy being in a white pride parade
Anonymous said…
It's absurd to even try and force people to believe in something, because ultimately one has no say in what goes on in another's mind.

The fact that grown men and women in the parliament could not figure this out this simple fact leaves me to suspect that the constitution was drafted and put forth by a clandestine organization of 10 year olds who secretly runs the country.
bluebooze said…
demm ahum: hehe yeah luckily we dont have to worry about that.

i like how you put it :) black guy in a white pride parade.

canofworms: i think even 10 yr olds would know better. my fear is it might even get worse in the future.

They don't stop to think that we are all individuals,not just one pulsating entity.
Anonymous said…
hehe reminded me of the scene from persepolis when marjane is pounced upon by two religious snakes.
bluebooze said…
haha yeah I've seen it before. Very cool movie. This place is going in the same direction.
Bakhabaru said…
Well said! This reminds me of when I was really young and everyone in Male' was on a Boney M craze, singing "By the Rivers of Babylon" and "Mary's Boychild" at the top of their voices or blasting them outta radios. No one seemed to mind back then. But try singing some parts of "By the Rivers" these days without collecting shocked looks from people near by...
I'd love to hear you sing sometime. :P


You know what I think? They're not sure of how true this Islam is; so, to avoid being punished by our cultural masters, they adopt a herd mentality and pick on those who dare to differ, hoping to hide their own insecurities.

Also, I noticed you play GoW - which brings forth the capcha; "berserker". Fitting.
Simon said…
Indeed, this is so very true.

I doubt anyone will know what Babylon is even. They don't play Boney M because they aren't exactly fad. But By the River of Babylon? Why, they'll even dance to it. I bet ya!

Such is the state of our awareness.
bluebooze said…
bakhabaru: come to think of it, things were much mellower back then. i don't even remember seeing much burugees when i was a kid. except maybe a few handful of old ladies.

shadowrunner: hehe you'll have to hear my singing at your own risk. consider yourself warned :p.

and true they tis a sad place when people have to stoop to picking on others to avoid being punished by higher authorities.

simon: would it be totally weird if i still think boney m is kinda fad :P

Thanks for the comments ^^
shan said…
God: I have created you humans! I have given you FREEWILL! now here is the forbidden fruit! "DO NOT" eat it!

Human: Riiight! like THAT'S ever gonna work!

see! i don't get it. God, the most divine being creates humans, gives them freewill knowing that by doing so, the chances of them committing sin is certain! Then lays down a set of rules for them to follow and creates heaven and hell so that the ones who follow can be rewarded and the ones who don't can be punished.

So whats the whole point of FREEWILL in the first place? if you asked me, the whole thing is no different from what you'd see if you gave a 5 year old a "green army men" toy pack (the ones with the tiny green army men) OR if you want a more "real life" example, think about George W. Bush! he has the whole nation's army, sends them to their death as he pleases and makes anyone who opposes him disappear!

You will never see us bothering the extremists or telling them to let go of religion or anything of the sort. They're the ones who cant keep their beliefs to themselves!

We're free, we love being free and we believe that everyone is free to decide!
"Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then he is not omnipotent.
Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent.
Is he both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil?
Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him God?
Shanu said…
I guess for a lot of people ,its hard to respect others and their religion, and with religion comes tradition.. and a lot of tradition is ingrained in it..

I lived in Nepal for 6 years. and the people were extremely nice and hospitable, but they were mostly Buddhists..and they welcomed me into their homes and lives.You know going to celebrate the festival of lights or putting a tikka on my forehead or accepting a blessing from an elder or eating food prepared on the occasion of lord shivas birthday or some other festival hasnt and didnt make me a Buddhist.

It was simply my friends extending me their warmth and they wanted me to be a part of their festivities , there was no hidden motives ..

Its simply called living in harmony with people and learning to respect other people and their way of life..

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