Couldn't resist...

After my last post which kind of garnered a lot of attention. I've decided to cool it down a notch and shut my trap for awhile.

I was waiting for a taxi one day in front of my home and there was this web of pipes and pieces of wood stacked near the door. This random thing caught my eye and I just had to take a picture right then and there. It was at the end of a pipe sort of thingy and I'm sure it wasn't meant to look like that. But I got a fit of giggles just looking at it and couldn't resist posting it.

I've been going through some life-altering changes and I am still kind of fuzzy about where I am headed. (why am I assuming anyone would be interested in this?)

I am hoping to be able to come up with a decent post by Monday. (hoping I do have some actual readers) No promises though.

Eid Mubarak everyone :)


Anonymous said…
Is that a sign from the Smiley God? Like the Alloahu on a maskolhu? (teeheeehee.. maskolhu). :D :D

Let this be a warning to those who haraamize holy emoticons! :@ :@ :@ O.O ^o^ (.)(.)
bluebooze said…
anon: LOL that was the best laugh i had in a long time.. and all i saw on that 'maskolhu'(giggles) was a bunch of curves as all maskolhus have. :D
Yaamyn said…
I see you're also overwhelmed by the 'comments' that fly at you from self-righteous religionauts in our country.

Don't you worry about them. They're hot air.

Of course, just exercise a little bit caution in how you put it. :p

Keep the posts coming. Reading your posts are a really relaxing way to spend time.

bluebooze said…
Yaamyn: Thanks for the advice. Really what i needed to hear.

more posts on the way =)

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