I have been having a tough few days and could not think of anything to write about this week. So instead I'm gonna post a pic of my lord, Kratos who makes me happy when I am blue. Yes, I do play GOW and that does not make me any less of a girl! So there.

Although the flowing of his loincloth distracts me and gets me killed by the Minotaurs usually, its the best game in the world ever (FOR ME)!!! I remember when I first played it. I was so hooked, I stayed up all night and skipped work the other day as well. You just feel so powerful like you are actually a god. Meyfuppafa indhefa kulhevenyves :D hehe. You ought to see me during the parts where you have to press 'o' rapidly to make a kill. It's like I'm playing the tabla on the joystick.

I have finished GOW 1 and 2 some gazillion times now and am currently drooling over the trailer of GOW3. But alas it is not to be...not only would I need to get a PS 3 but also an HD TV at that.



shan said…
we'll get along juuuust fine! :)
Anonymous said…
Oh please, everybody knows Prototype is the best game in the world.
bluebooze said…
shan : glad to know :D

canofworms: well obviously it is My opinion as it is in MY blog. :P but just in case of future similar comments. I amended the post.:)
Myst said…
Intelligent AND a gamer who loves awesome games. There's no way a girl could possibly get any hotter! :D
bluebooze said…
Myst: oh you're too kind. Thank you :D
wow!! *hi5*
im a huuuuuuuuuuge fan of gow too :D
i started playin it n da cd got stuck pandora's temple ah vanna thanun -.-
sucks eh?
yeahh n nuthin beats gow *thumbs up*
bluebooze said…
dho dho ^^ oh and same thing happened to me but ok vi when i turned the console upside down. :D rangalhu cd eh ganegen ves worth continuing.
kaiza shozey said…
huge fan here. cant wait for 3 to come out. but like u said i too need a ps3 and atleast a 38inch flat
bluebooze said…
kaiza: im planning to rob a
Zuleyy said…
aah Kratos, the high and mighty god of war, the swirly red tattoo, the perfect muscles, the loin cloth, good god the loin cloth!
me: My lord, i am forver your humble servant (trying to come on to him)
Kratos: *shhhinnng*
with his temper i doubt being decapitated is faraway. Neverthless, hottest god we'v ever seen eh Blue?
bluebooze said…
anha! zuley, my gaming buddy. heehee yeah dho grrr none shall defy him (and his loincloth which rustles provocatively) but ur right, the moment we open our mouths to talk to him..*ting swish*

a second later..thin falhi vegen vetteyny ^^ but still hottest god we have seen amen..

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