Valentines Day

Amid all this tyranny in my country, comes the day of love. I just have to say something about Valentines day. Its true that Valentine's Day is a money-making capitalistic holiday/celebration. A day where they only show mushy corny movies for 24 hours. A day which lovers take time to appreciate each other more. 

I notice a lot of people who hate Valentines day. What they say is 'why choose only one day to show the person you love that you care?'. Now this would be a very good argument if the person who was saying this is the sort of person who buys little gifts and cards and flowers often for his/her significant other on other days of the year as well. What people need to realize is that Valentines Day is just like any other holiday. Like Mothers Day or Fathers day. 

It has come to the point when the haters of this day has become more annoying than the mushiness and the PDA you get exposed to. The fact of the matter is that we all are busy with our lives and usually get caught up in the dregs of everyday life. Even the best of us forget to appreciate the people that care about us. That's why some of these holidays are created. That and the Hallmark aspect of it too. ;)

I've also observed many a time the problem arising of one person (usually the girl) wanting to celebrate Valentines Day and the other person (usually the guy) not believing in it. Look guys, I know a lot of you aren't fans of Valentines Day, but if you have a girlfriend or wife who is, that's what matters. Even if you're the sort of guys who would readily do the same any random day of the year where everyone else isn't doing the same. Do it because she likes the gesture. 

Good relationships are all about compromise. Maybe she doesn't like you monopolizing the bedroom TV at night playing Call of Duty to the wee hours. But she lets you do it because you enjoy it. Also would you want your girl/wife to be the only person among her friends to not have gotten anything? Whether its a good or bad thing the truth is there is a competitive aspect to this day. Or at least a desire to show the world that you are loved. If i is important to her and If she IS loved then you shouldn't mind showing it publicly.

How hard is it to send someone flowers or a card? Its not, hence the refusal to do so is silly. In order to accommodate a partner you shouldn't be selfish and hold the day hostage to her. Note that all of this applies to people who hate Valentines Day and is with someone who wants to celebrate it. If you both mutually don't like celebrating it or mutually love celebrating it, then it's all good. And if you're single, this day is probably not that relevant to you. (Unless this day just makes you feel lonely and depressed.)

To finish off i'd like to quote the Oatmeal  to all the people who get enraged and start ranting about how much they hate Valentines Day for whatever reasons, "If Valentines Day means so little to you, then I politely ask you to shut the hell up and treat it like any other day. Or go have a sexy adventure rumpus with someone who smells nice." ;) Less complaining! More sexy rumpus!

Happy Valentines Day!


Céline B. said…
See, you're becoming my teacher and I am learning, so... "tomorrow is a norman day" ^^

PS: +++ to the "Call of duty" comment :P
Haiko said…
LOL! Completely agree with the whole invalidity of the excuse, 'Why just show someone you love them today?"

That is for most people I've known. I'm sure there are those romantics who like to do nice things for their ladies more often. :oD
bluebooze said…
Céline merci for your comments and for reading! and you can imagine who inpired the call of duty part. ;)

Haiko, yeah it just gets on my nerves. ppl like that shouldnt celebrate their bdays too. :p Thanks for the comment!
naseeh said…
hope you had a good valentines day.

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