At this moment I am so disgusted with the people of my country. Just when I had a glimmer of hope that things slowly were going to change around this godforsaken place they proved to me that stupidity has no bounds. 

We finally had a president (Anni) who cared about the common citizen, who had no arrogance or delusions about himself being a higher being than the rest of us. Someone who made an effort and brought results to his people despite being sandwiched between religious extremists and corrupt opposition parties. Someone who sacrificed his freedom and risked his life for a long time to make it possible for those ingrates to be able to even HAVE a voice and be able to protest in the first place. 

A president who showed the people that he was true to his principles by not moving into the presidential palace the former dick-tator had built with our money, by not using the fancy yacht formerly used by the said dick-tator, by choosing to walk around like any other person instead of having a fleet of vehicles surrounding him. These are just a few examples that shows that he is a down to earth person who is sincere about helping his people.

Sure, he may not be the best president or the most articulate at that. But I'd rather have someone who was sincere in his beliefs rather than someone who 'looks' like a president. (Whatever that is supposed to mean.) I'm not affiliated with the Maldivian Democratic Party but at this moment I do believe it is the only party that is liberal in a true sense. And being liberal is what I am all about. And of course there is going to be corruption in every party but from my observations MDP has been the lesser of all the evils.

What I don't understand is why people still worship the old fossil of an ex-president Maumoon Abdul Gayyoom. (Note that this is a person who would have thrown me to the dungeons and have his forces gang rape me if I had written something like this in his rule.) It is one thing for the families who have head close ties to him and enjoyed the benefits of that to remain loyal to him. What about the rest of the people who act like he is some sort of a pharoah or something?

Maybe the old generation doesn't know any better or has no clue about what people are entitled to. It was bound to have happened after a person has ruled over the country like a king for three decades. And maybe the younger generations are just following what their parents have been teaching them. (That he is a demi-god that can do no wrong.) They need to wake up and start thinking for themselves. This is not a joke. This is our lives we are talking about.

You might wonder why I hate him so much it it hasn't become obvious already. I personally feel (as should most of you) robbed by him of a better life I might have been enjoying by now it wasn't for his greed. The Maldives had been bringing in a good amount of revenue into the country for 30 years. This place could have been developed to a smaller version of Singapore by now if that old fart didn't have an excessive need to bath in his own riches. 

So yeah its not the fact that we didn't have freedom of expression then. If he had just taken care of his people like Lee Kuan Yew (benevolent dictator of Singapore) I wouldn't have cared if he was a dictator or even if he ruled for life. After all who would want to complain about a president who takes care of his people? Instead we got someone who had used thugs to intimidate and abuse innocent people by locking them up without a trial or shred of evidence. (I know many of them personally.)

All I know is there are a handful of very wealthy businessmen in this country. And they are the ones controlling the masses with their money. They are against anything that gives the people too much freedom because in order to stay filthy rich they need to control the masses. Why do you think the dollar shortage problem came up?

What infuriates me the most is how easily people are fooled here. How easy they are to manipulate like puppets and to be herded like sheep. And how they never seem to think for themselves. Do they seriously think the 'armed forced' just decided to overthrow the government in one day? The whole thing stinks to me. 

And the fact that one of the first things they had done was to change the TV stations name proves it was personal. This petty thirst for power is playing with our lives. While they are at it why don't they stop the free healthcare and the welfare for the elderly and single mothers too? After all it was Anni who provided them. Any projects he had or anything he has done is considered wrong now right? 

Speaking of the 'armed forces', there's this rubbish about how its a peoples revolution. Seriously? It was not a peoples revolution because the armed forced are not civilians. And they are armed (duh). This is treason. We had a real revolution in 2008 where the old fossil had to succumb to national and international pressure. There was no one pointing guns at anyone. My laundry basket has more integrity than these so called armed forces who swore an oath to protect the nation. They even totaled the MDP headquarters. Why the hell was that necessary? I'm no expert here but I'm pretty sure there was a law broken somewhere along there.    

The army has proven to us that they can be bought. Even if they did not like the current president, the people who are celebrating these events have no clue what this means. These 'soldiers' are people with pea sized brains with weapons, who do not give a rats ass about the people. Weapons that they will use whenever they feel like it or if the price is right. Let that sink in for a moment. It scares the shit out of me. What are they going to do now? Whine and overthrow the government by force whenever they think its right? At this rate there will come the day where they let go of any sense of morality that they have and open fire among the people.

Mr. President Thank you for your effort and what you have done for us. There are people who value what you saved us from and what you stood for. Maldivians, I hope you're proud of yourselves and what you've achieved. You wouldn't know a good thing if it slapped you on your sorry faces. If this country goes to the dogs you deserve exactly what you get. I see dark days ahead of us. but who knows right. Maybe one day light will shine here again. As long as we have hope. Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things..and no good thing ever dies. 

P.S. All those of you who have a problem with me expressing my opinion. BITE ME. They haven't shut down freedom of political expression. Not yet anyway. 


Anonymous said…
Nicely said :)
CĂ©line B. said…
Merci for sharing...
I don't know what else to say unfortunately.
pajamathu said…
well said! :) this just made my day :P
naseeh said…
Anni is a nice guy.

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