Why it's okay to like 50 Shades of Grey

I can't remember the last time I blogged, but I always seem to get an itch whenever Valentine's Day draws near. No idea why. But in keeping up with the spirit, lets talk about all the hate the popular Fifty Shades of Grey novel is getting.

I heard of how bad it was and how nobody could read beyond a few pages. I figured it must be terrible and pretty much one of those things that are loved as much as loathed such as Twilight or Justin Bieber. (Yes, I might have just referred to him as a thing.)

So I never sought it out because life is too short for horrible books. But I was always intrigued by it's supposed BDSM theme. But then there came the day where I had to be (and still am) in a long distance relationship. So one late night I found myself reading it online. I suppose this is the girl version of a guy looking for porn when the girlfriend is not available.

Anyway, everyone was right. The book is horribly written. Cringe-worthy in fact. Many elements in it were pretty ridiculous. BUT I enjoyed the crap out of it. Not for the author's literary prowess or political correctness, which are nonexistent. I liked it because it plays on the fantasy that evidently a lot of women have. It's pretty much porn for women. Example quote from book:

“Every time you move tomorrow, I want you to be reminded that I've been here. Only me. You are mine.”

I mean...*fans self*

And as much as there are women who actually hate it, I'm certain there are some women who say they dislike it just because it's embarrassing to say they did. I outgrew that in high school. Now If I actually like something, I'm too old to pretend that I don't. :/ Also can we please stop calling it mommy porn. Hello, there are a lot of us nothing close to being mommies who enjoyed it as well.

I know the BDSM community do have a problem with how it portrays it but truth be told, there isn't much of any BDSM in the book. Just the fact that the guy was into that until he met the girl. Pretty disappointing. I do agree it's wrong to promote or sell the book using the BDSM theme to entice an audience when it clearly has nothing much to do with BDSM.

So why do I think it's okay to like it? Well because it's erotic fiction. It's fantasy. It's not a relationship guide. It's for an adult audience. Many people have fantasies that they would never want to happen or tolerate in real life. The human psyche is a strange thing. And that's okay. Don't forget that the book reached such popularity because WOMEN loved it. So what if it's not your thing? Can we take the hate down a notch?

Lots of well-meaning people think the proper thing to do is bash the book as a feminist. But This is a book written by a woman for women. Enjoyed by millions of women. In a world of porn dominated by men's fantasies, I for one am thankful there is something for us as well. That being said I realize this sentiment can truly be appreciated by people who really got off on the book. Ahem.

I have lots of stuff I dislike as well. Twilight and Justin Bieber included. But I don't go out of my way to dis everyone who reads it or listens to them. Have to admit this lesson took some time to learn. It deserves criticism but the women who enjoy them do not. It's not necessary to go to war with the book.

Don't get the wrong idea. I don't think it's a good book. Great porn maybe. But a terribly written, and outrageously silly book. But maybe it's okay to enjoy the ridiculousness of it all. And that does not in anyway make me a non-feminist. In my opinion, assuming women can't tell the difference between fictional erotica and real life is more insulting. Read it but don't read too much into it. There are bigger issues in the world.

Oh and I used Matt Bomers picture because come on? Amirite? No shade to Jamie Dornan. You're hot as well but Matt Bomer IS Christian Grey. Just look at him!

For all you ladies out there who enjoyed it, I want you to know that it's okay to like it. Don't let anyone tell you you're silly for whatever preference you have as a fantasy. Because that is all it is. A fantasy. I know I'll get a lot of flack for this post. But I immensely enjoyed reading 50 Shades of Grey. Sue me.

Laters Baby ;) xoxo


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