You lookin' at me?

I know I have blogged about this before, but I had another encounter today that just made me want to write a sequel to the previous post about staring. Why oh why do people have this infernal need to stare?Not just take a quick look or glance, but flat out stare. I see people doing this all the time when I'm out in public, particularly to me. Now you might think this is just all in my mind and that I'm imagining these things but I know that I'm being stared at. It's not hard to notice when some is looking directly at you while their eyes follow as you move. Then you might say that it's the way I look or act that is attracting the attention, but this shouldn't be the reason either. I look like the average person, not too ugly but not like beautiful either. I dress like the average person, jeans, t-shirt, etc, in normal colors. I walk like the average person, nothing too crazy or unusual that would draw attention. And these people don't just stare with a neutral facial expression, they look as if they think I'm the biggest mistake of the human race. I have no idea what could drive someone to look at a complete stranger with that kind of expression.

Today I saw two veiled girls staring at me as if they wanted to kill me. At first I wasn't completely sure that they were looking at me, but when I took a second glance I saw that their eyes were still locked on me and the closer they got the more they were staring and talking to each other. I had no idea who these people were, I had never seen them before in my life so I was totally confused as to why they were staring at me like that. Then when they finally walked passed me they actually turned their head to continue staring at me sneering nastily. At this point I cracked a smile, the look these idiots had on their face was just too funny. Now that kind of thing isn't normal, usually it's just 5 to 10 seconds of staring, but still it happens to me all the time.

So why is that these people insist on staring? This is just a theory, but I think that they do because they are insecure about themselves. They need to know what everyone else looks like in order to make sure they look better or to make sure that they fit in. Then again maybe I'm wrong, maybe they just stare to be assholes. But one of these days when I finally say screw it to the world I'm going to fulfill a dream that I've had for a long time, I'm going to gouge someone's eyes out. I'm going to teach the first person I see staring at me a lesson and permanently blind them. So word to the wise, if you stare, stop doing it cause you never know when the next person you stare at might just finally lose it. :)


LAPUTA said…
those bitches be loco :p
Millzero said…
chill... most people dont have anything interesting in there life. Live your life be happy. dont worry about girls or guys staring at you.
fag said…
I'm a bit on the nellie side so you can imagine the stares I get. I just imagine I'm this hot irresistible sexy guy on a runway in Milan or New York, strutting my stuff. Boosts my confidence. lol.
Anonymous said…
You're not alone. A lot of my friends make the same complaint.

I used to have to put all my energy into stopping myself from giving them the finger, or a slap in the face when I'm in a particularly bad mood. This was worst in the first few months back home after living abroad.

But over the years I've grown accustomed to zoning them out and just being about my business, i.e. pimping.
Anonymous said…
OMG yes, the same thing happens to me. I now think it's maybe the way I dress, or act. But yeah, I now just ignore them, or if it's extreme staring I stare back at them too, with this murderous glance, and it usually stops.
Topical Madness said…
I've also noticed a lot of fully-veiled-burqa clad people (not sure about their gender coz you can only see their eyes) do stare very hard at me too (and possibly other people too but I only notice when their gaze is directed at me). What really pisses me off is that they don't look away when you catch them staring at you and will continue to hold your gaze as if it's some sort of contest. I guess being hidden away under the huge black tents makes them a lot bolder than they would usually be... or something.
bluebooze said…
laputa: them really are. except me ;)

millzero: usually i dont bother with them, unless it goes to extreme.

fag: haha ima try that. pretend to be a supermodel.

canofworms: usually i zone them out too. but it really is embarrassing when someone is looking you up and down and and pointing you out to other people. I just take a deep breath and tell myself its not me, its them. i am normal and they are the freaks of nature.

shaha: i treid that but they kept sneering at me and talking about me. i felt like a celebrity. a notorious one at that.

topical madness: exactly! but the ones who harassed me weren't in tents, they were the plain old burkas. and when i gave them a dirty look and said loudly, 'they are still looking at me!' ..yeap they kept on looking and bitching.
ahmed said…
At last you have forgotten Athena Cinema eh? After ages here I see new post now. :D
Mithra said…
Hi Noora, by your pic, I would say your more good looking than the averge, so in most probability most of them stare to admire you, but those two girls must either be jealous or closeted gays
bluebooze said…
Mithra: I got the feeling they were just taking the frustrations of their repressed lives on an innocent bystander. oh and thank you
EzraDaMedianMan said…
Mithra seems to be on the right track with the interpretation of your encounter; although I wouldn't quite go down the path of gouging eyes out....there must be other ways of dealing with the problem, like what you did here......writing it down. :)
Jean said…
heloww there..I have to say I am a buruga clad woman myself. And all black and extreme with it at that. And I for one, hate people (with buruga or not) who judge people based on what they wear and look down on them.

The ironic thing is, I get cross-eyed stares at me from buruga AND non-buruga people :/ Most of the time, I don't notice them until someone points it out that some woman across the street is giving me the eye.

I think its just if people don't have enough problems in their own lives to wait around and gossip/stare at other people.

I have a lot of close long-time friends who have different beliefs, who dress different and live a totally different life from me. But we get along just fine.So all the buruga people out there are not the same. :) I think staring and looking down on people, is a problem lots of maldivian females have in particular. Best not bother about it. I tried smiling back at a couple of females who were staring and whispering like that. It worked wonders. Snuffed up their nose and looked away. lol! cheers :)
bluebooze said…
Jean: Hey, thanks for the comment. :) I'd always assumed girls who wear buruga stare at me out of religious righteousness. (and a lot of them do!) But,it's good to know that there are women who don't judge other people by their different beliefs or ways of dressing. And are able to be friends with people who are different from them. I admire that. And I guess I shouldn't have assumed all of the women who wear buruga stare. ^^
Anonymous said…
You know what I do? Especially when Addu bitches and older women stare? Stare back right at them. Ogle them. Some even say, "what are you looking at"...and I give a fully-frontal description of what I was looking at.
bluebooze said…
@anonymous: you have just made a horrible assumption.

sincerely, an 'addu bitch' :)

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