I am back. Or am I?

I always get the urge to say, "It's been awhile" when I've been away from my blog for a long time. But it's used so often that I'm gonna skip that part and just say, "HI EVERYONE". Did you miss me? No don't answer that. Why haven't i written anything for so long? Well I just haven't been inspired...or maybe I'm just pure lazy. But I really appreciate the people who have contacted me and sent me messages and asked me to start writing again. Maybe that's why I'm writing right now too. But the truth is I write for myself mostly. It's fun to ponder back on it later on.

Don't get your hopes up though, I don't have anything to rant about..well I do but I am not at liberty to if you know what I mean. (Gets momentarily distracted by the mouth watering smells drifting from the kitchen.) Having a mom who used to work as a pastry chef has its plus points. A happy Ramadan once again to those who cherish it.

As for me I'm just slumming it. I have been a bum for like a year now. I been trying to figure out why I haven't put more of an effort to start doing something. But this time I just really want to do something I like. I guess you could argue the fact that even if it is something you enjoy, if someone makes you do it, it would become dull inevitably. I'm not asking for much though. I just don't want to have to end up with a crappy job dealing with crappy people at a crappy place. If you haven't noticed people are horrible here.

But it has come to the point where It has become really difficult to be without money. There are some days where I have to use my brothers Denim roll-on when I cant buy deodorant for myself. And the only new clothes I've gotten recently were from the night market( :D three tops for 100 bucks) and some clothes my ex sister-in-law threw away. I know, i know stop whining, at least you have clothes right.

I just want to do something enjoyable. Something I can do. Maybe like writing, or a rockstar :) (wishful thinking) Okay I'm getting sidetracked here.

Anyway, this is just a short note to let you know I haven't died or anything. And will be back soon with something to complain about. Thank you again for reading my jumbled thoughts.



LAPUTA said…
Welcome back ( imagine Mr.Smith's voice)
XefroX said…
yea nice welcome back note..and enjoyable complains..hoping to see more :D
MaldivianPoet said…
Rather randomly stumbled upon your blog. Kinda obvious that your blog is one of those more interesting ones. Got me hooked for a bit there =)
Its pretty amazing how you open up in your writing and I applaud you for that. Keep writing okay? You've got a new follower now!
bluebooze said…
laputa: thank you <3

xefrox: actually i hoping to see more too. and thanks. :)

maldivianpoet: greatly appreciated ^^ its a tough job being so open though.
GASP. You're aliv- Uhhhhh I mean welcome back!.

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