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People have been complaining about my political posts. Usually these are the people who always proclaim that "politix sux or politics is lame". Believe me I'm not sharing these posts because I want to. I'm the kind of person who'd rather gaze at stars than soil myself with foolish matters of the earth. I find politics and politicians dirty and annoying as the next person. But people really need to understand that in some situations its not about whether politics is cool or not. You can't avoid politics. You just can't no matter how hard you try. Even if you don't want anything to do with them, you have to see what they are up to because every little decision they make affects each and every one of us. Some people have labeled me a fanatic for my views and what I've got to say to that is if I'm the sort of person that gets outraged to see people beaten up and injured on the streets for merely standing up for their rights then I guess that is what I am. Yes I know brutality is brutality no matter who does it and I wholeheartedly agree. It's just more reprehensible and scary when people in uniform who have taken oaths do it. I mean, who do you turn to, when the people who are supposed to be protecting you from brutality are the ones being brutal in the first place?And the people who call me biased needs to get one thing straight. I think for myself. I am not a weak gullible woman who is being 'used' by anyone. I stand up for what I believe is the right thing to do according to my code of ethics and morality. And the people who are calling me biased is anything but impartial. They go on poking jokes aimed at one side while conveniently ignoring the tyranny and brutality happening all around them. Then they call for peace. And then call me biased. -.- I will continue to stand against this madness until it's put right and if you have a problem with my views on Facebook, well there is such a thing as the unfriend button. And seriously, if you are a coup denier I really can't have a conversation with you because I can't think of anything to say to someone who chooses to stay in denial even with damning evidence popping up everywhere. So this is my rant, for justice, liberty and equality!  Meanwhile here is an interesting conversation.

Person A: You yellow people make me sick.

Person B : Er I'm not yellow, whatever that means. I'm not an MDP member and I don't plan to be one but yes it is the only party I find myself supporting in situations like these.

Person A: That is being yellow. Why do you support these thugs?

Person B: Well it's not just about them being the lesser of all the evils. It's just that I felt safe during Anni's presidency. I didn't feel like anyone could drag me out of my house arresting me for god knows what and then torture me for no good reason. I felt like I could freely talk about my views without being prosecuted. And even at times that it seemed to me like an injustice has been committed, I felt like I could talk to my president about it. He is always seen on the road on foot. How hard can it be to have a word with him? And most importantly I felt like even if I did voice any grievances I had about the law to him, I had utmost confidence that he would take time to listen to his citizen with due concern. (And I have this confidence without even having met him yet.)

Person A: Safe? You think people are safe? What about the unlawful arrest of Ablo Ghazee? You call that being safe when an important judge is arrested against the law??

Person B: I'm no lawyer so I can't say whether his arrest was unlawful or lawful. Maybe it was against the law since I heard that the only way to find any evidence of his wrong doings was to arrest him. The thing is, most people are aware of the fact that he is a corrupt judge appointed by Maumoon for life who has been sentencing innocent people as guilty and guilty people as innocent according to their political stance for a long time. So I'm sorry if I refuse to believe that the arrest of a corrupted and an alleged pedophile judge is reason enough to oust a democratically elected government.

Person A: Just because Anni is against Maumoon it doesn't mean he can arrest everyone that Maumoon appointed. This is personal vengeance! Just like the vengeance Anni is seeking from Maumoon for jailing his uncle who funded the 1988 coup where Maldivians died! Anni is a power hungry dictator and he part of the group who brought a real coup to Maldives back then.

Person B: I, the same as you, find the instances of the 1988 coup abhorrent. But at the same time I also believe that Anni is not his uncle. As far as I know he condones with vehemence what happened back then as he should. And seriously are we still judging people by their family members? Isn't that a bit 19th century? It is the same as equating the son of a rapist with him or judging a family because it includes a drug addict. He became the president through clean means by the vote of the people. I'm not going to judge him for something he had nothing to do with.

Person A: Anni would be loyal to his uncle because blood is thicker than water! You MDP people are a cult! You're whining for elections to get power back again. This isn't what the nation wants.

Person B: By cult I suppose you mean a great devotion to a person, idea, object and movement or a usually small group of people characterized by such devotion? Except for the fact that it is sincerely not a small group of people. Any person who has got his wits about him can see the numbers of people who went to the big protest on the 17th of February. I who have never been to a protest decided to go that day, not because I'm MDP, but because my vote and the democracy and equality of my country was raped. And on the contrary I saw many people there who before had nothing to do with politics and many people who even spoke against Anni. They weren't there because this was a yellow thing. They were there to get their rights back. For justice.

Person A: Justice my foot! Why doesn't anyone ever speak of the brutality during Annis regime? Is it only now that everyone including the international media is making a big deal about a bunch of ruffians on the road?

Person B: As far as my observations skills go, I have never seen any bloodshed or bruises or water cannons used on any civilian in a protest during Annis rule. The worst I've seen of the Ablo Ghazi protests are people being forcefully carried from one place to another. And even if there were some rogue cops then, aren't they the same honorable police who didn't follow Annis orders to control the unrest and overthrew him just for cash? Since the coup there is always a photo or video every other day surfacing of someone being injured by the cops or defense force. When Anni was in charge protesters could knock themselves out doing whatever they wanted and no TV station was shut down. No damage to any political parties property was done by the police. No nepotism by appointing family members to the government. See the difference now?

Person A: You only support Anni for personal gain. You probably have connections within his corrupted regime that you use for your advantage. Why else would you support a drunk drug-addict like him!

Person B: Well in a way yes I do support him for personal gain, but I don't have any connections. I have personally gained free healthcare and freedom of political speech and assembly. And alot of other people have gained something too because he has introduced welfare to the elderly/single mothers/disabled, the flats and the Hunaru Programme in which 8000 scholarships were open for Maldivians to be able to go study at. Not to mention giving the freedom to vote to people of 18 years. He did his job. And no that is not why I have a great respect for him. Why should I respect him for doing what we are paying him to do? The reason why I hold him in high esteem is that he and his people fought for the freedom of speech and assembly and finally it was possible. No matter what anyone says even the people who make fun of Anni are using the luxury that he brought to the people by spending numerous times in jail, even tortured twice. So any person who is even talking about politics needs to respect him for that at least. Unless they prefer the olden days that you have to live in fear of even saying something against the government in secret lest they arrest and torture you. People nitpick so much about Annis faults that they don't remember what it was like in the past. They eat shit for 30 years and then Anni comes along and gives them apples and suddenly it's not good enough and people start demanding steak. This is (was) a young democracy, you can't expect to iron out all the kinks specially since Maumoon still has so much influence.  And about the booze and weed (not everyone is going to share this opinion) but I seriously couldn't care less whether it's true or not. It is not relevant to me as long as he does his job and takes care of his people, which he did.

Person A: I don't know what your problem is now. Isn't the Vice President also someone you voted for too? Why are you people calling for his resignation?

Person B: I'm calling for his resignation because no person with any amount of integrity as a VP would want to take on power after the events of Feb 7th. Also if the VP is someone that the people vote for to choose like you say, how in the world does Dr.Waheed get to pick Wahiddeen as his VP? If Waheed had resigned with Anni then we could have gone to an election. But now even if Waheed resigns then Wahiddeen would become the president and select another VP and it would become a vicious cycle.

Person A: You are so tinged with yellow that you can't see straight. You see Anni as a god who can do no wrong. You people worship him like he is an idol!

Person B: As a matter of fact I do believe Anni has made some bad decisions too. Like him giving the extremists too much power and changing the Maldives slogan from Sunny Side of Life to Always Natural and wasting time talking trash about the opposition continuously. I also dislike Reeko Moosa being in MDP as well because he is corrupt. So you see I'm not a blind follower. I just can tell right from wrong. If anyone has been treated like a god here, it's Maumoon.

Person A: The fact still remains that these protesters and MDP followers are nothing but filthy-mouthed  animals that don't have an ounce of discipline in them!

Person B: The only thing to say to that is, you can't oust a president that the people voted for with bribed military forces who's brutalizing the people and expect people to take etiquette lessons. This is a small community. For every person the police injure, there are going to be more people who get emotionally outraged. So as much as I agree that etiquette lessons are needed, the rage is understandable. Maybe you'll only know when you see a loved one being beaten up in front of you. So have a little empathy. We are trying to pressure a military state here. It's easy to point fingers but when you rape a country, you should be prepared to accept the consequences and chaos that will follow inevitably.

Person A: Meh...


Anonymous said…
These people........"Maumoon has fair skin, how can you support a dark-skinned President like Anni? CHECKMATE MDP!"

Person A didn't say this, but for the quality of their "arguments" s/he might as well have.
Anonymous said…
who r u?? why r u a human?? why r u breathing?? what is this world u r in??? why do you age?? why do you die?? and why were you born???

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